Diversity. Equity. Inclusion

Together, we drive innovation

Our Belief

At RADcube, we believe the differences each person brings form a beautiful catalyst that brings transformation most uniquely. We deeply value each individuals' ability, thoughts, and opinions. Through this, we are able to witness the most diverse perspective that contributes to building a better organization.

We also make sure to practice an equitable and inclusive culture, where people feel valued and acknowledged for the contributions they make towards the organization.

RADcube embraces diversity in race, nationality, ethnicity, gender, age, physical ability, sexual orientation, political beliefs, religious beliefs, personal choices in life, etc in order to establish a workplace that feels like a community we live in and learn to respect and accept each one of us.

Our Initiatives

RADcube is a huge part of a networking event, CricIndy League. An initiative that promotes culture and diversity in the workplace for all corporate sports enthusiasts. A way to connect beyond the daily grind and a real platform to discuss how we can work together as a corporate community to create solutions for challenges facing true Diversity & Inclusion.